Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Home for the Winter

Today was a busy workday for me.  Still, I was able to stop for a few minutes and remember that it was Veterans' Day, and to consider what those serving in harm's way today are not able to do, things that I take very much for granted.  They are not, for instance, able to worry about lovely potted plants that have given beauty all summer and that now are in need of a place to winter over.

This wintering over of plants has been the focus of our last few days around the old farmhouse.  Joe took a break from building roads, and created a sort of greenhouse out of the front porch of the farmhouse. With a roll of heavy plastic and some wood, he created a decent enclosure in which we will be able to keep the plants from freezing.  Some of these plants will be living through their third winter. In their "old home," the pond house, they were brought indoors for the winter, into the sunniest room of the house -- the bonus room over the garage, and with care, they survived.

Makeshift Greenhouse

First Plants in to their Home for the Winter
We shall see how successful we are this year.  We did have a Praying Mantis who watched our progress, and I saw him praying hard... or was he crossing his fingers?

He's Watching Us!

Crossing his Fingers?

Biggest one I've Seen Here!
Another of the things I take for granted is the rambunctious excitement of my cats and dog, all outdoor animals, except that they sleep in the garage.  Every morning they are eagerly awaiting feeding time, and as I scooped their food into their bowls this morning, I thought, "yep, this I would also miss."

Chow Time!!!

My children are grown, but I cannot imagine how hard it would be to be deployed far from home, spouse and young children.  I know so many families who are missing their beloved servicemen and women...for the holidays, for the "everydays."  And of course, there are those whose loved ones will never come home to see their children grown or their spouse's hair turning gray, agelines shaping their faces into familiar reminders of the beautiful youth they married.

And this afternoon, when my stomach reminded me I hadn't yet eaten, I could have jumped into the car and driven a few miles for a fast food lunch.  But, as is my norm, I opted to make something from food I have on hand, in my own kitchen.  I take this for granted... the choice is mine.

Simple choices. Simple day-to-day living.  But then again, I'm not thousands of miles from home, in a place where simple living is not an option.

So, on this Veterans' Day, a glorious Autumn Day in this corner of Virginia, I thought about veterans past and current, I remembered the veterans in my family, all who have come home safely, and I reminded myself not to take simple things for granted.

Autumn Leaves on a Spectacular Day

Picking Last Melon of the Season
Sky Through the Branches of the Sycamore
Greenhouse Glows When Darkness Falls


mixednut555 said...

WV: deinate

Sharon said...

Hi Judy,
Yep, time to "save" our plants, I hate now that my figs didn't just go into bigger planters, they stand out there in the yard, bare of leaves and they look so unhappy.
Had more than a few moments of silence for our Vets. Remembering those that didn't make it home to say "Hi".

Judy's Corner said...

Hey Kat,
Thank you! Hope you are getting everything packed and that the house will be ready when you are done packing...

(And thanks for getting that slacker cellllllman to post already!!)

Judy's Corner said...


Our fig trees still have their leaves... this is their first year, so we'll see how it goes. I love that we can take the other plants inside and hopefully, enjoy them again next year.

aswesow said...

That is a big bug! Even if that is a small box. You sure take nice pictures

Ron Mylar said...

This home for winter is very beautiful .as I think from the pictures it can be imagined that inside the house that would be very cozy.

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Ron,

Yes, one day I hope the inside of the house WILL be quite cozy. For the time being, however, there is no floor in the old farmhouse, and we are in the process of getting bids to replace broken and rotted beams and joists, and, if possible, level the house.... it is a project, but one we are thoroughly enjoying. It just takes a lot of time! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!