Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Under the Deck or In the Garage

I traveled to Maryland today. I will be working here the next few days.  Before I left, though, Joe and I went over to get a little yard maintenance done at the pond house.  Yes, yes, it was SUPPOSED to get done this weekend, but somehow, we ended up spending most of the weekend helping Linda get the stuff out of her house, and unloaded several van and trailer loads of items she could not take and wanted someone to get some use out of.

Another Load

So, with rain predicted for tomorrow, today was really our last chance to get over there and get the leaves off the "lawn"... yes, it's true... the lawn is really just a close-knit afghan of weeds, but it requires regular mowing, so I DEEM it a "lawn."
Joe Working While Judy was Playing

To be honest, I did no work over there.  Joe handled the leaves on the open areas with the lawn tractor, and used the leaf blower to handle the rest.  Me?  Well, I strolled through the woods collecting a few more hickory nuts, and then, fearing I might actually be put to work (egads!) I grabbed my camera and went about memorializing the lovely, brilliant despite the overcast sky, autumn woods in which the pond house nestles comfortably, awaiting her new owners... one day, one day, someone will actually come to LOOK at the place!
From the Garage Back Door,
Looking Toward the Path to the Pond

The woods on the 7.5 acres are heavily populated with hickory trees.  These trees produce abundant nuts in the fall, and also provide a glorious yellow forest "ceiling" through which the sun shines, honestly making it feel as if you are in brilliantly lit room.  I believe I could wander for hours in these woods, just looking.  Of course, the majority of the time, I have my eyes focused on the forest floor, hunting the hiding hickory nuts, but today I took the opportunity to just absorb the beauty of the fall foliage.

Walking on the Path to the Pond
On the Path
Fall Foliage
Standing Under the Back Deck

Boats Under Fall Leaves

From the Front Porch

Oh, and though I knew I had to leave for a few days, I could not resist starting to put the inventory into the newly created merchandise room in my eBay trailer.  Obviously, I have a LONG way to go to get all of the merchandise, now in boxes in the upstairs rooms of the old farmhouse, stacked on the right shelves, but at least I got a start!
Stocking the eBay Shelves
Old Farmhouse in Her Fall Colors
Random Bug... Visiting on the Second Story Deck

Same Bug, Different View

Yeah, this Bug is a REAL Showoff!

My trip up to MD was essentially non-eventful, though I drove the first 60 miles through "deer territory" braced for another encounter with one..... but I never saw a single deer tonight.  Once past that notorious deer corridor, I was able to relax a little... and, don't you know it, about two miles into the "easy driving" some fast moving critter (I think opossum) ran directly under my tires.... I felt sick for the rest of the trip.  But I am here at the hotel, preparing for my day tomorrow.

I am glad I spent the time at the pond house before leaving for MD, as I have a hunch those leaves will not be around long and  their brilliance was close to peak today.  And no matter where I looked, from under the deck, from inside the garage, or from the front porch, all I could see was Mother Nature's beauty!

Autumn in Gloucester, VA 2010


Nekkid Chicken said...

You know how I feel about your fall leaves. LOL T

hat bug looks like a bloodsucker. Way cool, we find those (similiar) down here. Kinda freaky when one gets in the house; they move in slow motion.

Lovely Pictures,

mixednut555 said...

:0 Gorgeous!
WV: grufoc