Sunday, November 21, 2010

Excuse Number 85

Well, as might have been predicted, the side door in the semi trailer did NOT happen today.  The carpenter dude was supposed to be here "bright and early," to get started.  Suffice to say, when I returned from church, there was no carpenter dude.  Rather, there was a resigned Joe, working in the trailer, getting ready for the carpenter dude who had called, promised to be here at noon, apologized for being late BUT.....
and here came the excuse for not living up to "the deal."

This week alone we have endured similar excuses from not one, not two, but THREE would-be workers, guys who we are employing to do work here.  The first was supposed to show up Friday to help Joe clean the chimney in the old farmhouse, and install the wood stove insert.... it was originally set for Wednesday, but he called, and changed it to Friday... at around 4PM Friday, he called to say he would have to postpone until Tuesday...  And yes he had an "excuse."  (I've lost track what this excuse was.)

The second was supposed to deliver a load of firewood on Saturday.  He was to call in the morning to confirm delivery time in the afternoon.... he never called... he never showed....

And today, this carpenter dude had,
  • dropped his cell phone in a puddle
  • was getting a new puppy
Now HOW those two things constituted a  failure to show for the agreed-to job at the agreed-to time, I have no idea.  It was approaching 3PM before he rolled into the driveway.  He then spent the next hour telling Joe (I was too ticked to listen) his trials and tribulations.  The bottom line?  Well, MAYBE he will return to do the job over the next three  nights... we shall see.

I guess I expect folks to show up when they agree to, and to perform the job they agreed to.  I can understand everyone has "life" happen, and hence the excuses, but GEEZ LOUISE, three in three days?

Planting "Twigs" -- Pruned from Some
Guy's Pear and Apple Trees in September
Never mind. Joe and I had stuff we could tend to today anyway.  I worked more on my eBay trailer and Joe worked on getting the "sticks" planted.  Our great "fruit trees from prunings"  experiment is officially underway.  The little make-shift greenhouse is filled pretty much to capacity, and is maintaining a decent temperature, even on these colder nights.  We'll have to see how well it works when we dip into the teens, but hopefully, that is still a long way off!
Many of the "twigs" already leafed and blossomed...
this one looks like an established tree
The Makeshift Greenhouse is Filling Up
Judy, Taking Killian out for a Change of Scenery
More Merchandise to Load the eBay Trailer Shelves

Overall, the weekend was a good one.  I have made quite a few sales on eBay this weekend, which is always a welcome sight.  The weather was truly delightful, and tonight, though I did not manage to capture a picture of it, the moon was full and shining bright in the black sky.   In the next few days, I will be enjoying time off from work, and just piddling here around the old farmhouse.  Maybe, just maybe, the wood stove insert WILL get installed on Tuesday.  And maybe, just maybe, the door will get installed in the side of the semi trailer and the stairs and landing built to access it.  And for SURE we will be cutting and splitting more fire wood to keep the wood stoves burning!

Another Fire in the Wood Stove

I am really looking forward to Thursday when we will travel to Maryland to share Thanksgiving dinner with family.  My brother Tim is actually coming up from Florida to join us, which is particularly awesome.  I don't get to see him nearly enough.  Unfortunately, I doubt my brother Ray and his family will make it, as they live in California. But at least we did just get to see them twice when we were in San Diego last month.  Still, the table will be filled to overflowing at my sister's house, and we will, I am sure, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

So, tomorrow is another day and I suppose another opportunity for what, excuse number 85?  Hah!  I hope not!


Leigh said...

Judy! I love the make shift green house! Tell me how you did it please!... Is is a dog kennel with plastic? And did you have to do anything special to your "sticks", to get them to sprout? You have quite the green thumb.

aswesow said...

It's -20c today and I don't want to go to work. I'd rather go to Mexico. I'm not much good at coming up with excuses tho. Actually my employers are so gracious, they'd allow me the day off no questions asked. I struggle with my own conscience tho :(

mixednut555 said...

I actually like the creative excuses better than just the no shows. But really, where is the work ethic these days?

WV: laggiet

Nekkid Chicken said...

So irritating I am sure. I don't understand it either. We go through the same here with contractors. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Leigh. The make shift green house is the plastic-lined front porch of the old farmhouse... we can't live in the old farmhouse yet, but the plants can winter over there!

We did nothing "special" to the twigs. Joe pruned them from the guy's trees when we were buying the tractor from him. We stuck them in a couple of buckets of nutrient enriched water, and about three weeks later, we noticed they had buds, which became leaves and blossoms! Pretty interesting. So, we shall see whether we have any success in actually grow trees from twigs!

Judy's Corner said...

Aswe~ I would let you stay home, go to Mexico, or whatever suited you! -20 degrees Centigrade is just TOO cold!

Judy's Corner said...


I'm not sure the excuses are all that creative... but yes, at least if they call and let us know they will not make it, we don't have to wit around waiting all day. I dislike no-shows intensely!

Judy's Corner said...

I think it is a common problem. I notice that everyone is eager to do work when they need the money, but when they have a little jingle in their pocket, they will blow off the work... and then there they are, begging for work, out of money and GEE, sorry, but I did the work MYSELF!