Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party Hats No More

The year I was turning ten I was determined to have a birthday party.  Being number two in a family of six kids, I was not accustomed to having birthday parties.  Mom was not particularly excited about spending a lot of money to entertain a lot of kids, only to then have problems getting them to go home (or so went the story...I think this happened ONCE when the girl next door outstayed her welcome, but I suppose, now, more than 40 years later, that point is moot.)  Still, I wanted a birthday party and since Mom wasn't going to give me one, I opted to give one for myself.

Of course, Mom had to give permission for me to invite friends, make a cake, decorate the room, make party hats for everyone etc., etc.  But she did NOT participate in the planning.  That was all ME.  I was detailed in my preparation and pleased as punch when my birthday guests started arriving. I remember proudly instructing everyone to don their homemade party hats.

I suppose the party was a success, but I remember it more as a lot of work!  Still, I got my birthday party and that cured me for ever wanting one again... thanks Mom.

So today, when I turned 52, I thoroughly enjoyed my party hats, no "big deal" birthday celebrations.
I was greeted this morning with the first sunflower.  (Joe had planted sunflowers on either side of the long driveway and they are now starting to blossom.)

I sang with the choir (again, not yet able to return to playing the guitar) in church.  We met my son Stephen  and his wife Kristen and shared a delicious lunch and enjoyed catching up on everything (they just returned from visiting Ireland). 

Then it was a stop at the local home improvement store, to pick up a couple of items to use in preparing the house for sale.

While browsing in the store, I received a call from my daughter, wishing me a happy birthday and telling me of another successful wedding yesterday, with another bride and groom happy with the floral arrangements she designed and provided.  From there we returned to the old farmhouse and I weeded gardens and played with the goats, while Joe washed vehicles.....

And, when the sun had completely left the sky, we came inside and had ourselves a nice big helping of ice cream.

I had a wonderful birthday.... and no silly party hats!


Sharon said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! It almost sounds like a party, just kind of.... ice cream!

Yes indeed making a party, isn't fun at all, I don't know how many I had for the kids, I just remember the work.

Judy's Corner said...

LOL...I know, I used to give birthday parties for my kids every year, and it WAS a lot of work...and I only had two kids! I cannot imagine trying to do that with six kids!

Thanks Sharon!

mixednut555 said...

You look happy and peaceful, and Joe does too. I'm glad you had a nice birthday and I hope for you many, many more!

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Kat! Things are relaxing a bit more these days.

Feral Female said...

Happy birthday to you!!

jbates said...

I'm glad you had a great day and I love the sunflowers! Welcome to 52, it was an OK year as I remember it!!!!

Love ya!

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Jeannie....LOL, yeah, I have a feeling 52 will suit me just fine!