Thursday, July 22, 2010

Butterflies, Spiders, Boxes and Moons

The old beater van is getting a workout, to be sure.  She has hauled several loads in her short time on the job and is still loaded from today's haul.  I'll unload her tomorrow morning before picking up another load.  Since we take pictures of just about everything here, it should not be surprising to discover we have photos of .... the load of boxes (please don't focus on the FACT that one of the boxes was not loaded with the proper side up....)

Of course, to get the FULL load, we needed to get those seats out of the van....unfortunately, that also exposed just how FILTHY this van is!  Yes, I know I bought it to schelp boxes, but this is just gross!  I think a piece of carpet will replace this mess....

Still, with each load of boxes, we are coming a little closer to getting the excess contents out of the pond house.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, all creatures great and small are busy entertaining us.  This spider is one of MANY around these parts.  They make a big web, which isn't too orderly looking, but which clearly gets the job done.

This butterfly was hanging out on the steps of the eBay trailer, and I just had to see what he would do if I put my finger down next to him....

Benson was not impressed.  Now mind you, Benson is the cat who seems to be DETERMINED to have an audience when he is doing his business.  No matter where we are in the yard, he will saunter over to a location nearby and proceed to dig his potty, use it and cover his tracks.  And since he IS the king of the castle, as soon as that butterfly was off the eBay trailer steps, Benson took up residency.  I think I should call him "eBen."

And summer, hot as it is, is still beautiful...with flowers blooming everywhere.

The days are hot and humid and the typical summer afternoon skies are full of character....

And still, we get to see the moon, almost every night......  Moons are so much more enjoyable without the competition of city lights.

So, tomorrow, before I return to the surgeon for my follow-up (and the authorization to return to work), I will pick up another load of boxes in my nasty beater van and bring it down that pretty country road to the old farmhouse.


Feral Female said...

What beautiful pictures!!

Sharon said...

That van appears to be earning it's keep! Holds lots of stuff!

Pretty butterfly! Hmm, that cat is king of his domain for sure!

Pretty flowers! I like your country road!

Do I hope you get to go back to work? Do you? Are you ready? What is it that you do?

Have a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers in your yard.
Lovely writing in your blog.
Good luck with your move.

Judy's Corner said...

Thank you FF! There is beauty everywhere around here!

Judy's Corner said...

Believe me, Sharon, the van IS earning its keep! And yes, though it has been really DIFFERENT being REQUIRED not to work, I am anxious to get back to the tasks that I know are piling up in my absence.

I hope you also have a perfect day!

Judy's Corner said...

Thank you anon. This year is just the starter year for us on this farm, and I hope in years to come the flowers will be multifold what they are today.

mixednut555 said...

Lovely! Even the spider.

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Kat,

Yes, I kinda like the spiders and the critters in general.