Thursday, July 8, 2010

Having a Ball

I am slowly but surely getting the hang of Facebook.  No doubt, that means it MUST be on its way out, to be replaced by something even less "intuitive" for this lover of simplicity.  Nevertheless, I am learning what I can learn by taking the time to check in daily to the "social networking" forum.

Today I was treated to a new photo album posted by my nephew.  Sure, the intended point of the album was to showcase family and friends participating in fun at my niece's graduation party (she is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy -- GO HEATHER!!!) combined with my nephew's 25th birthday party, and Father's Day celebration.  Much as I would have loved attending, it was not in the cards for me to participate, so enjoying the shenanigans captured in the photo album was a real treat for me.  However, the absolute, best photos in that album (in my humble opinion) were not of the rare family generations portraits, or of the young adults clearly having enjoyed a one more beer than entirely, my favorites were of this guy -- absolutely having a ball.

Meet Noodles....  this is my sister's dog and, as far as I can tell wasn't invited to the big shindig in Pennsylvania.  Nevertheless, it is clear this fellow is perfectly happy to stay at home and play ball... preferably with a human throwing it!  His entire body seems focused on and aware of only one thing in the world...that BALL!

Thank you Richard.  I enjoyed your album and, like the loving aunt I am, stole YOUR photos for use in MY blog post!!!!


mixednut555 said...


Sharon said...

LOL, Noodles is definitely having a ball, now, that is the way to be, just keeping your eye on the ball and having a blast! Cute pictures!

jbates said...

Noodles was having such a good time!

Hope the physical therapy goes well. Happy Birthday on Sunday!!!!

Judy's Corner said...

Hey kat!!!

Sharon, yep, exactly what I thought!

Jeannie, I hope Richard didn't mind my "lifting" his pictures from his FB, but they were just too precious! What a wonderful time Noodles was enjoying! And thanks! I'll be having lunch with Steve and Kristen tomorrow. BTW, your card arrived today... Thanks!