Thursday, October 5, 2006

The Shrimp, The Gull, and He-Man -- jcarolek

Another true story, from the tales of my former life

During my first marriage I lived in Tallahassee, FL. Weekends were made for fishing and we generally headed off to Apalachicola, or took a longer drive to St. George Island where I loved to surf fish.

One Saturday I was surf fishing with shrimp as my bait. I cast my line and darned if a seagull didn't catch my shrimp bait in mid air! I had a seagull on the hook! Well, being a “girl,” my first inclination was to scream, which I did, at the top of my lungs! The seagull, now on the sand, was flapping around, trying to get away from the very hook she had found so enticing, just moments earlier.

Enter my He-Man husband.

He grabs my pole and starts flailing the pole, slinging the poor bird all around!

Well, now I am FREAKING OUT because this poor bird is defenseless against this insane method of “bird from hook removal!” So, screaming again, as would be my nature that day, I grabbed the pole back from He-Man and suggested where he might want to “store” it on future occasions. I then went to try to console the now severely traumatized bird.

I approached the seagull with caution, neither wanting to further distress her nor fall victim myself to her defensive struggles. I carefully held the bird, and clipped the hook. Pulling it back through was not something I thought either of us could endure, so my “catch of the day” now sported a “pierced lip” (or beak lining, or whatever that is called.)

I had never been up that close and personal with a seagull before and had never noticed they have a neat line of red, like eye liner around their eyes.

I learned a few things that day:
  • One fish’s bait is another bird’s delight
  • Never call for help unless you know your rescuer’s competency
  • Always take time to notice the details of every creature
  • Always treat the other guy with the same respect you’d wish to receive!

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