Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Girl -- jcarolek

Today I needed a break. I took a walk with my outdoor critters and marveled, as I always do, at their singleness of purpose and complete and total enthusiasm in our walks. I say "they" because, as you know if you have read previous entries, my adopted cat Dracula accompanies us on our walk.

There is something so natural about the way the two of them communicate. Killian, jumps about wildly, like a crazed puppy (although she is 11 years old) and Dracula watches her carefully. If Killian gets too close to Dracula in her frenzied state, Dracula hisses and swipes at her. Killian sits right down and behaves. Then Dracula strolls by, glancing only slightly to her side, as she passes the chastised dog.

Once a few feet past Killian, Dracula breaks into a run...only a short one, but clearly designed to get Killian riled up, and egg her into attempting to chase Dracula. But Killian, wisely looks up at me, and refuses the offered bait. She knows she will hear the words which seem to be her most coveted…”Good Girl.”

She has been in a bit of a quandary since Dracula came to live with us in July. The two of them share the back porch, and this means they share sleeping quarters and eating quarters. When I step out onto the porch, Killian immediately jumps onto her doggie lounger, awaiting her petting and her invitation to eat, once I have put her food in her bowl. She goes bananas waiting, as I pet Dracula and say those coveted words to her, “Good Girl.”

It is comforting to know these two have a reasonable working relationship. It is also comforting to know that the two words most coveted by both, come from my mouth and are a simple recognition of their stellar behavior.

Dracula keeps an eye on Killian from the safety of the pond edge...she will not venture out onto the pond floor...

Killian wants to get out to those birds, but the pond bottom is still like quick sand...she will get stuck if she goes much further...

The arrows point to the little birds who have taken up playing where there was a pond just six weeks ago....

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