Sunday, January 27, 2008

Will we ever grow up? -- jcarolek

From my earliest memories, my sister and I were collectively referred to as "the girls" and our four brothers as, "the boys." It made good sense back then. Jeannie and I shared a room, so it was the "girls' room," and likewise, the four boys shared a room. We even referred to each other in these terms. They were the boys and we were the girls. Eventually, we needed to further distinguish the various groups living in this house, and the boys were split into the "big boys" and the "little boys." Understand, there were only seven years between my sister (the eldest) and our youngest brother. But, the distinction was necessary.

We all grew up and moved away. We went to school, or served in the military. We found a partner, married and raised families. Our children grew up and went off to school and to work. We, established ourselves as individuals, and as members of new "groups." But, to this day, when we talk on the phone, or plan via email a get together, the plans and discussions always seem to include, when we last heard from "the boys" or whether ":the girls" will be able to make the family get together.

And I wonder....will we ever grow up? We range in age today from 50 to 43. When we are 90 to 83, will we still be referred to and be referring to each other as, "the boys," and "the girls?"

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