Monday, January 28, 2008

Just go to your room! --- jcarolek

I heard this command more than once in my early years. Not that I was a bad kid, particularly, but I had a knack for telling everyone "the truth" about EVERYTHING. While on the surface, this might sound like a great trait, in application as a child, it was not a good plan. I lacked the discretion necessary to tell the truth about only "my stuff."

Yes, I was compelled to correct my brothers, sister, mother, father, dog, cat, monkey, name it...if they spoke and I did not hear "the truth," I HAD to set the record straight. Over the years I was punished on more than one occasion for telling the truth.

Of course, in later years, I began to comprehend that MY truth was not necessarily THE truth. Yes, hard to admit though it was, I had to accept that I was not always right. And even on the occasions I WAS right, by blurting out the truth to negate the "falsehood" told by the other party, I made the situation worse. If I corrected my parents, I was undermining their authority. If I corrected my siblings, I was setting up a situation where my parents had to deal with not only the original tale teller, but also, the tattle-tale.

I still prefer to operate in the truth, but I also accept that my truth is not the same as another's. The only truth I can really tell is my own. And I have to allow others to do the same. And, while I might wonder why they choose something other than the truth, I have to accept they have their reasons....and remai focused on my own issues....I imagine I have a full plate without concerning myself with theirs.

It's been a long time since I was commanded to go to my room....I think I'll keep it that way (but it's stillllllllll hard!)

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