Friday, March 9, 2007

PIGDOG -- jcarolek

My dog just let me know I needed to let her run free on the “acreage.” Nighttime is generally spent on the enclosed porch where she snoozes happily in her heated dog kennel….but….the nights are coming more and more alive….

So, she scratches at the door and I got out and do her bidding. I open the screen door and down the steps she flies, off into the woods, making the most ungodly “pig” noise! (I call this her “pigdog” routine.” As she goes off, chasing whatever she has determined worthy of the hunt, I strain my ears to hear any commotion…I keep thinking I should see other animals running out of the woods in terror of the mighty pigdog!

But I hear nothing. She runs and grunts and wears herself out, and then returns to the porch, where she can push the screen door open, drink from her water bowl and return to her warm kennel. I have no idea what sets her off.

But, one day last fall, as I worked upstairs in my office, I heard her making a commotion. At the time, she was on her lead in the back yard. I went to investigate and found this terrified little guy, trying to get down from the tree and out into the woods without coming in contact with Killian….I guess they must KNOW her by her nightly pigdog routines!


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