Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Learn how to duck! -- jcarolek

Almost two years ago I underwent surgery to repair my sinuses so that breathing through the right side would become an option. According to the CT scan, I had badly deviated septums on both sides, a bone spur that had completely cut off the right nostril and cartilage which was supposed to be anchored to bone at the base of the nose, be which was anchored to nothing. (how lovely) Now, understand, I knew nothing of all this “interesting stuff,” until they finally sent me for the CT scan after I was unable to stay free of sinus infections for any reasonable time. When the doctor told me of my three “fixes” he was curious about the cartilage one. He wondered how it had become unattached from its bony anchor. He asked if I’d ever been punched in the nose.

Well, I could think of nothing, no time ever in my nearly 47 years at that time that I had been punched in the nose. But, it really didn’t matter. I had the surgery and the world has been spinning on a perfect axle for me (sinus speaking) ever since.

Now, nearly two years later, I was discussing this with a friend and all of a sudden it hit me. I know exactly when the division of cartilage from bone must have occurred. About ten years ago, my daughter, then 12 or 13 was playing soccer on a Parks and Recs team. Good mother that I was, I attended the games and cheered my daughter’s team to success.

One very important aspect of soccer is keeping your eye on the ball. As a spectator, I did just that. One Saturday, the day before Easter that year, I sat on the chair, watching the game. I was having a grand time until Mariah, a tall, strong player, took a shot, kicking the ball down the field along the sideline…..well, I’m sure that was her intent. But, as luck would have it, my natural magnetism apparently exerted a force so great that the ball made a bee line for me. Now remember, I had my eye on the ball! But, I do not remember seeing it coming.

What I do recall was coming to on the ground, my glasses severely bent in two and my face hurting like the dickens! Everyone was trying hard to stifle their laughter while they came to my aid, but, I was laughing too, once I regained myself! That Mariah had ONE STRONG FOOT!!!

A couple of years later, as I kept the stats for my daughter’s field hockey team, I noted a new name on the team roster. As I wrote Mariah’s name and number in the statistician book…..I made a note to myself….KEEP AN EYE ON THE BALL AND LEARN HOW TO DUCK!!!!

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