Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ever wonder why some people are just plain odd??? -- jcarolek

Ever wonder why some people are just plain odd? Well, I can speak only for myself and so I will. I think the root of my one odd self can be traced back to my childhood, where, as I have mentioned before, we had a monkey.

Having a monkey for a pet was fairly unique, even WAY back then. We had a dog and a cat and the guinea pigs and hamsters et al, but the monkey was the culprit in my oddity. He ate “monkey chow.” I mean, we gave him his cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) every morning and we gave him his fruits and table scraps, but all monkeys should eat Monkey Chow. And so, in the garage, was a GIGANTIC bag of this stuff.

Now the dog ate dog food, which smelled kind of beefy and the cat ate cat food, which smelled kind of fishy, and those rodents ate something that looked rather similar to their own byproduct, but that Monkey Chow, looked liked and smelled like Life Cereal.

So…..yes…I admit it, my favorite “snack food” growing up was a handful of Monkey Chow, snitched from the HUGE sack in the garage.

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