Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Tugboat Cookie Jar -- jcarolek

The cookie jar sat atop the refrigerator. It sat there my entire young childhood. It was a ceramic cookie jar made to look like a tugboat. Mom and Dad received it as a wedding present. The cookie jar held the home-made sweets that Mom made. It sat atop the refrigerator, out of sight (sort of) and out of harm's way.

Out of harm’s way, that is, until the day I found the PERFECT hiding place. Yes, hide and go seek was a favorite game for my five siblings and I. I was a climber and decided the top of the fridge was the best place to hide.

I was up there, quick as lightning. I kept still as I listened to my brother hunt out the hidden five. I held my breath as I heard him come near the fridge. And just when I thought I had it made in the shade, my butt caught that danged tugboat and sent it flying!

I can assure you, all hands met quickly “on-deck” in front of the fridge. As we looked at that poor broken tugboat, its sweet contents now strewed around, nobody pointed a finger at me. Nobody accused me of choosing a stupid hiding place. They knew, as did I, that I was going to be in BIG trouble when Mom “found out.”

From that day forth I never again hid atop the fridge. The plain Jane cookie jar purchased to replace the old tug boat was never in danger of the untimely death of her predecessor. I have a residual “respect” for heights, and generally exercise great caution around all things ceramic.

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