Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stealing 101 -- jcarolek

I am sometimes amazed when look back at the old photos and see the beginnings of the works of art that each of us is. We were once so small and yet, even in our very early stages, we were filled with that personality that would grow and define us, set us apart from all the other artwork that is humanity.

Jen was always my little outgoing character. Walking at eight months and talking at about the same time, she was a whirling dervish! Before she was one year old she had learned the fine art of “acquiring” what she liked. Any time items “went missing” in the house, we were likely to find them stashed in Jen’s “secret hiding place.” Yes, under her bed she had quite an odd collection of “treasures.”

One day, as I sat at my sewing machine, whipping up more clothes for the kids, Jen casually strolled by the coffee table, on which her father’s sunglasses rested. Liking the color, I suspect, she decided they were to be hers and off the coffee table they were snatched!

Her father, tickled at his kleptomaniac ten month old, snapped her photo, as the little thief made off with the goods. At ten months, she was, apparently, not well versed in the finer art of thievery…she still thought flaunting the goods was a fine idea!

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