Monday, February 26, 2007

Recurring dream -- jcarolek

I had a recurring dream when I was young. I began having the dream when I was in Jr. High and continued throughout highschool.

I was trying to make my way down the halls of the school, trying to get to my next class before the bell rang. The halls were so crowded I was feeling overwhelmed. In my dream I remembered consciously thinking to myself, “just relax, lie back, float to the top and do the elementary backstroke.” I did so, and was able to gently make my way to my next class, arriving before the bell rang. Why I had this dream for so many years I have no idea. It was neither good not bad. It just was. But what I find interesting about the dream was that I REALLY remembered the act of calming myself down and reminding myself of the ability to relax and rise above what was bothering me.

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