Friday, November 3, 2006

And today I follow the sun -- jcarolek

On my morning walk I took my camera.
Fall is offering great beauty which I dare not miss.
Today my eye was caught by the elusive sun.
I could see him shining on the leaves, but where was he?
On my way back home, I saw his sparkle and caught his pinpoint of light.
As I drew closer to home, I saw him as he danced in the woods, ducking in and out of the trees,
so colorfully adorned in their fall leaves.
I felt his pull even as I watched him rise. And I followed.
And when at last, I topped the hill,
I saw that weak fall sun,
Had taken just a moment out of his busy day,
To bring light to my home.
Please, enjoy my sun, which I share with you.

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