Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been raining here for what seems forever.  Sure, I know, we DID have a couple of relatively dry days last week, but I think the last time we saw the sun was Tuesday... And what do they predict for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?????  You guessed it. Rain.  I think it was Friday when I heard the weather announcer comment that our area is currently nine inches over the normal annual rainfall....

As the Rains Were Beginning

I DO know that we have LOTS of "puddles" on the property.  I am reminded of my brother Tim when were were children.  There was a low spot in our back yard in Bowie, Maryland, and when it rained a lot, that low spot would fill with water. One day, on our way to school, Tim declared to our little group of kids who walked to school together, that the puddle in our back yard was as deep as Foxhill Lake. Well, of course, since all of the kids were also familiar with that local lake, EVERYONE jumped on Tim, and razzed him for days about that statement.  But Tim, always determined to stick to his story, never backed off of that statement.  And now, more than forty years later, as I slosh through wide puddles that cover my shoes in water as I make my way to the goats and to the chickens, I think to myself... these puddles are as deep as Foxhill Lake! And I smile at the memory.

Despite the rain, we continue to make progress toward our vision for this old farmhouse. The past couple of weeks have been spent creating the "new" second story.

New Lumber Load Delivered
Joe Inspects New Lumber

The previously "funhouse" floor posed a bit of a challenge, but the carpenter has installed a new and LEVEL floor frame, on top of the old boards, and has installed the new sub-floor in the back part of the second story. He has also has successfully completed the raising of the ceiling in that half of the upstairs.

New Floor Frame Installed
New Sub-floor Going In
New Ceiling/Roof Supports Going In
New Rafters In Place

Next he will do the same thing to the front portion of the upstairs.  This is no small task and takes a good bit of engineering, but it is coming together.

Meanwhile, we've kept busy cleaning up the downed limbs from the hurricane, and have had many a burn pile in the last few weeks.  Funny how the more we do, the more there is to do...

Loads of Downed Branches
And More
Judy Watches yet another Burn Pile

It is very hard for me to believe that the summer is already gone and we are facing the collection-of-firewood-for-winter season.  It seems as if this year has flown by.  There is simply not enough time to complete everything we have on our to-do list. Nevertheless, we do continue to make progress and one day, we will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  In the meantime, however, there is no rest for the weary (or is that the wicked???) In preparation for the colder months, Joe is re-appropriating one of the double carports to transform it into a barn for the chickens and goats.

To accomplish this, the carport had to be moved.  To accomplish the moving of the carport, the original goat pen fence had to be taken down.  And then there were a couple of days of just cleaning the area up from fallen branches, etc.

Joe Removes the Fence Posts
Judy Rolls up the Fence

On Tuesday, the last day before the rains set it for good, Joe and the carpenter moved the carport. The process was interesting to watch.  It involved a tractor, a twenty foot pole, a chain,  a crowbar, a rope, a few blocks of wood, a couple of giant C clamps, a few logs, and a couple of guys who "knew they could" get that carport moved.

Joe and Wendell toy with the idea of
dragging the Carport...
Joe Starts the Move with the Tractor
So Far, So Good
Add a Few Logs to Facilitate the Rolling
Moving, Moving, Moving
And, Finally, In Place

Since this move entailed going AROUND a tree or two, there were a few exciting  moments, but, about an hour after they started, the carport was resting nicely in its new location, some fifty feet from where it had started...and none the worse for wear.  NOW.... if only the RAINS would give us a break, Joe could get working on the transformation...

Paths reemerging after cleanup


Gorges Smythe said...

There's never a shortage of work for those willing to do it.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yikes Girl, The both of you make me feel exhausted. LOL Have you run into snakes this year? With our extreme drought, we have killed two rattlers right next to our house. Was just wondering about your property since, critters are probably not looking for water like here. But Dang, ya'll have so much green growth and forest to deal with on your end. Just thinking aloud, take care, Mal.

mixednut555 said...

We could sure use Joe and his tractor here! You tear down a goat pen as we are getting ready to put one up!