Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clouds Threatening

Today was a solitary one -- I alone, with the car radio...and the thoughts in my head.  Clouds were the number one visual gift for me today, even though I first had to make my way through a torrential downpour from Gloucester, VA to west of Richmond. After that, though there were short-lived rain pockets, I would describe the day as "threatening."

West Point, VA

Bedford, VA

As I drove, looking at those threatening clouds, I thought the folks in Texas might not consider those big black clouds menacing at all... they would, I imagine, welcome them and the rain they promised to deliver.  But I am not in Texas, and after just experiencing the more than 12 inches of rain delivered by Irene, I'd just as soon see those clouds disappear without a trace.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Sky and Black Clouds

Beautiful Sky

I had been looking forward to traveling with Joe, but the circumstances of the current construction phase at the farmhouse, coupled with a fair amount of lost time due to the hurricane, made it more realistic that he stay back and I travel alone... the trip is, after all, for my work.  So, the seven hour trip was less inviting.  But, it is necessary and so I made the drive.  Along the way, I had hoped to stop and share a quick lunch with my daughter in the Charlottesville area, but between the rain and our schedules, we decided against it.  Instead, we chatted on the phone awhile... That's always a pleasure, and today was no different.

Dark, Dark Clouds

Patch of Blue in Sky Ahead

5:00 PM Abingdon, VA

In the end, the drive I was dreading turned into a very nice, peaceful one indeed...never a dull skyline, and lots of time to think.

Blue Sky Trying to Push Away the Dark Clouds

Sky or Ocean?  Such Turbulence

Blue Ridge Mountains In Clouds

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