Monday, September 6, 2010

Slow Down Already

We always knew we were going to do it.  From the moment we looked at this old farmhouse, sitting unloved, in the soggy winter ground which was slowly reclaiming her, we knew we were going to tear up all the floors so we could see the bones on which this fading structure rested.  Of course, there were a million other things to complete first, and the floor project was pushed back... From February to August, every person contracted to help with another project at the old farmhouse, was given the tour, and asked if they would like to bid on tearing out the floor. And several of them did give us bids.  They ranged from the odd to the outrageous.

There was the odd, but true, "Nomad," whose bid was low, but included a requirement for us to provide all tools AND to pick him up from his home (40 miles away) and drive him back home when the job was done...he would work as he wished, sleeping in his sleeping bag in the old farmhouse for the several days it would take him to complete the tear out.  And there was the outrageous....the guy who wanted three times what anyone else quoted, but who had his own crew and tools, would work normal hours and everyone would sleep at their own houses.  The others who bid fell in between, with varying degrees of assurance they could actually accomplish the job.

To be honest, we were seriously considering using "Nomad."  He came recommended and purportedly travels with his guitar, which immediately appealed to us... we are always ready for an impromptu jam session.   However, in the end, Joe made a deal with "Mr. Outrageous," the guy from whom we purchased the 48 foot semi trailer we will use as storage.  He successfully bartered with Mr. O to sell us the semi trailer AND have his experienced crew tear out the floor for LESS than Mr. O had bid for the floor tear out alone.

By the time I arrived home from MD on Wednesday, the floor was being torn out and we could now clearly see what we had suspected.  Several beams and all joists will need to be replaced.  Not a small undertaking, to be sure, and we will start that bidding process soon.

Broken Joists and Failed Beams

Meanwhile, though, the other projects continue.  The deck project is nearing completion.  The windows, upstairs and down, have been replaced with doors.  Tuesday, the deck will be finished.

Installing Upstairs Door
Almost Done

Joe, in between supervising floor tear-out, semi trailer delivery, deck construction and delivery of road dirt (more roads and driveways), was modifying the shed and the attached lean-to to accommodate the new tractor. (By this time we were under pressure to "protect" things since Hurricane Earl was heading our way....)

Lean-to on Shed
Ready for Tractor
Tractor Tucked In
To say this has been a busy week would be a complete understatement.  So today we took it very easy.  I did my usual Sunday church choir and all, and then Joe and I spent the afternoon just slowing down already!  We spent time looking at the now fading sunflowers, discovering melons that are quite large, but which had escaped our detection until today, picked some ripe cherry tomatoes from their vines, ate leftover pizza and talked about everything under the sun.

End of Sunflower Season
Just a Handful

I gave Joe a much needed haircut.  I suppose it is a little ironic that when it was hot as blazes and the overgrown hair was making things even hotter, we didn't have time to stop and cut it, and today, when we finally took that time, the weather turned much cooler...  oh well!

Finally, with evening approaching, we cut a melon from the garden, and sat in the garden enjoying her sweetness.
Judy Picking Melon
Judy, Testing Arm Strength!
Benson, ever jealous, sat and gave us the "stare," but knew better than to try to enter the "forbidden garden."

Where's MINE????
The goats, oblivious to the melon-fest in full swing, were busy practicing their "synchronized eating.."

Notice the form..."kneeling" to eat!!!
And as we savored the sweetness of the melon, and the loveliness of the day, we spied a dove perched atop the roof.  He cooed and listened, and cooed some more.  Before long another dove joined him, and we caught their silhouettes against the dusk sky.

Doves in Love!
Showy Sky

We ate the whole melon, Joe and I did... all 14 lbs 11.6 oz of her!  It was dark when we finished, and the air hinted the first tastes of fall. We put the goats back in their pen, fed the cats and dog, and retired for more relaxation indoors.  There are so many projects yet to be done, but today I was happy we decided to just slow down already.

I can't believe we ate the WHOLE thing!


niels said...

good to see you home again in normal adult position :) family are great, but :)) Bodil and I are so lucky that the former owners of our farmhouse, also from late 19th century, did all the renovation so our only task is to keep it in good shape and build small "houses" and develop the garden

Judy's Corner said...

Hi Niels,
Yes, I am also happy to be back home, once again an adult! LOL, I had to think about you when, up in the hospital, my mother made a comment about my overalls...something to the effect that she wouldn't want to look like a country bumpkin...she's a "city girl!"

I truly believe this old farmhouse was loved for most of her life, but that the generation who had her last did not love her enough to take care of the end, they simply let her fail. It will be nice if we can successfully resurrect her, but much remains to be seen. I know only that it will take a long time to complete, but it will be a project we work together.

Happy Labor Day!

Sharon said...

About time you took a break... you have been so busy, of course everything looks great! Well, except maybe the floor thing, but that looks pretty promising - it could look a whole lot worse!
I was wondering when you were gonna eat that melon, glad it was delicious! Have a great day today!

My word verification is messista, LOL

Judy's Corner said...

LOL Sharon,

Aren't those word verification words nutty? I have really considered writing an entire blog post using creatively defined verification words.... some of them sound down-right obscene!

Have a great Labor Day and thanks for stopping by, reading and taking the time to comment!

CJ said...

It's lovely to be able to stop and catch your breath! We did the same thing this weekend and though there's yet much to be done (cleaning up tornado damage) it was peaceful just to put our feet up and enjoy good friends and family.

Judy's Corner said...

Hi CJ,

Yes, it is lovely to sit and relax! Didn't know you had tornado damage. Hope it is repaired quickly and smoothly!

mixednut555 said...

My word verification was mince. At last something I can understand!
Rachel put in an offer on a house on the big Island, older house and a couple of acres, if she gets it I will be joining you and Joe in renovating and restoring. Please cross your fingers for us.

Judy's Corner said...


Don't you just LOVE those verification "words?"

I hope Rachel gets the house. The project will be fun (expensive, but fun)....

Toes and fingers crossed (as I stubble down the stairs)...