Friday, September 10, 2010

Did I Say, "Relax?"

Just a few days ago I was enjoying the relaxation of the Labor Day weekend.  And then it was Tuesday and we were, once again on the fast track.  To be honest, it started on Labor Day.  We went to Lowes to purchase a VERY short list of items we needed for the next phase of our project....  We left with a van so filled with items I was amazed we were able to roll!

Doesn't EVERYONE take photos of themselves shopping?

We started out innocently enough, first heading in to inquire about an inexpensive gas grill... you know, to use on the not-so-inexpensive new deck.  And then we just "drifted" by the garden center and discovered more fruit trees to add to our "orchard."  And of course, we simply CANNOT go to Lowes without checking out the piles of "seconds" they have outside waiting for suckers who think they are scoring a "DEAL" on twisted, broken building supplies.

And so it was that, three hours after we arrived with our short list, we pulled away with a LOT of "stuff" and only a couple of items from the list.  Nevertheless, our DEALS on the THREE piles of "seconds" were carefully loaded by the king of loading, Joe himself, and the SIX trees were strategically loaded, and then the gas grill, and THEN the three rolls of insulation, the ten 2X4's and the propane tank topped off the load.

Sure, throw it in, we have PLENTY of room!!
Long Lowes Receipts!

Back home, after watering the new fruit trees, it was time to cut the third melon from her vine and share the experience of our first watermelon crop with our neighbors.  This melon weighed in at 19 lbs and was the best, sweetest melon so far.  Yes, we sat there at the table and ate every bit of that melon!  It was really a delightful ending to a very nice Labor Day weekend.

Future orchard

Watermelon time!
Neighbor, showing off!

Everyone enjoying the melon.

Now, that was Monday and today was Thursday....

In that time we have had the deck "finished" but have decided to have windows added back into both the upstairs and downstairs, so the deck guy is starting that job tomorrow.

Working on the light
Deck "complete--ish"

We have been taking delivery of LOADS of road dirt, and Joe has been busy creating roads, driveways and parking pads over which will be erected more carports in the very near future.

More roads
And more

We have also been working with contractors, getting bids on the next phase of the old farmhouse project, and are still in that "getting bids" phase. I am growing weary of the "joke" these contractors all LOVE to tell... "an old farmhouse is like a boat....the two best days of your life are when you buy it and when you sell it!"  .... as they submit their exorbitant bid for the work we are interested in having done.

Of course, through this all, I am working my paying job and preparing for the next busy travel months.  While all of the hammering, dumping, sawing, drilling etc. is going on outside, I am inside at my desk trying to catch up (I never, ever do!) and wishing I was out there in the sunshine, participating in the action.  So, this afternoon, after I returned home from another entertaining escapade at the DMV (not!) I was thrilled that Joe suggested we dig some dirt -- to see what was in a pile at the edge of the woods.... to determine whether it was good dirt or yet another "dump site" left behind by the previous owners.  I finally got to try out the new tractor myself!  It will take a bit of practice, but I can easily see myself digging my pond....

Learning the controls

Really digging it!

After I'd dug awhile, I turned the controls back over to the "pro" and grabbed the camera.

A Pro

The sunflowers are indeed fading, and they will not be with us much longer, but we have harvested seeds for next year's crop and the bees and other insects are taking full advantage of what's left of sunflower summers.

Get it while you can!
I, too, must enjoy this while I can.  By the time I am finished with the traveling, it will be well into fall weather and the hickory nut season.... I doubt I will collect the 1000 lbs I sold on eBay last year, but I imagine I will still walk the woods of the Pond House and collect a few hundred pounds.... I mean, I have so MUCH free time on my hands!


Sharon said...

Oh, do I know about that short list at Lowe's! I am glad we usually take my car or who knows what we would be bringing home.
No, can't say I ever took a picture while shopping, LOL!
That little "toy" you have seems to work real well! Getting lots of stuff done with it!
Be glad you have your paying job, or you wouldn't be able to do all the fun stuff!
We haven't even bought a watermelon yet this year, sure could go for a nice yellow one!

mixednut555 said...

You look like a natural on that tractor!

Chris said...

So when do you find time to relax? LOL you two are a site, a home site!! {Remind me to put my visit off for awhile..... ;}

Canyon Girl said...

I love, love, love reading about your progress! And what a cute picture of you and your hubby!--Inger

Judy's Corner said...

Sharon, yes I remind myself everyday, as I sit at my desk, wishing I were outside in the thick of the action, that the paying job is important!

Hope you get a watermelon before the season is gone...ours have sure been sweet!

Judy's Corner said...


I think I'm going to get the hang of that thing real soon!

Judy's Corner said...

Cellllllman..... what? Are you afraid we'll put you to work or sumthin???? Come on over and share in the fun!

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Inger! We are having fun with all of this work!