Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eye tests - DMV style and other nonsense

I was born with a fairly common DEFECT politely referred to as "cross-eyed". Lots of surgery, exercises and glasses since I was 10 months old resulted in the GREAT vision I enjoy today (yuck, yuck).

Nevertheless, this has afforded me the opportunity to really enjoy life's little bits of nonsense. One of these is the trip to the DMV to get my new license.

Arriving from FL with a valid FL driver's license, I PRESUME I can simply saunter into the local VA DMV and get a VA one...have my photo taken, etc., but not endure the humiliation of the dreaded VISION TEST.

"Ok step up to the binoculars and tell me what letter is in the box" (Miss DMV)

""Hmmm, I'm not seeing a box here, did you turn on the picture?" (Me)

"OK, SOOOOO, you are BLIND in your right EYE!!!" (you can guess who)

"No, ma'am, I have a lazy eye -- my right eye, but if you close off the view in the left eye, I can see out of the right eye." (I explain)

"I'm SORRY! You are BLIND in your RIGHT eye!" (uh huh, her again)

"So, what does that mean? Can I get my license?" (I hear your cry, "what, are you a glutten for punishment?")

"The RULES say that if you are BLIND in one eye you MUST have an additional mirror." (Interesting, I'm thinking, where will this mirror be suspended? Can they really fake vision in a eye by placing an extra mirror in front of my good eye?)

"An extra mirror? Where does this mirror go?" (I am really getting embarraased now as the crowds of other not-so-patient patrons wait for their turn to be mocked)

"YES, On the Passenger side of the CAR." (OK, now I have to start laughing)

"My car has a mirror there. I think most cars do these days." (Am I nuts?)

So, she finally tires of embarrassing me, or spots her next victim in the crowd behind me and grudgingly grants me the right to have a VIRGINA driver's license".

Thought to ponder...does a mirror mounted on the right side of a car have any beneficial effect for a person who is BLIND IN HER RIGHT EYE?

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