Monday, August 21, 2006

Another first husband funny -- true story

My post yesterday about my first husband and his DE accent got me thinking about some other funny episodes.

Every year, we had a big Halloween party for our friends in our local community theater group. (They love to dress up anyway.) We lived in a house in the woods with a 1/4 mile private dirt/gravel road/driveway. My then-husband, James, decided the number of people coming to the party would be more than we could easily accommodate parking-wise. So, he asked the folks at the little church at the end of our dirt road if we could use their parking lot for our guests. They were fine with that and James devised a plan. Our guests would be directed to park in the church parking lot and then he and another of our friends would give them rides on the trailer behind the tractor up to the house. Everyone agreed.

On the evening of the party our friend, Rich, arrived in time to help with the parking/chauffeuring duties. I opened the door to find this 50-something, very heavy, jovial friend of ours dressed as a tutu and all!

I said, "Rich! What a great costume!" to which he smiled and explained, "James said he wanted Ballet Parking!!!"

I laughed until I cried! James' version of the English language always cracked me up! I could just see him having told Rich he wanted Valet Parking!

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