Monday, June 12, 2017

Fun on The Farm

We had a great time this weekend with the lovely Miss Eloise and her insanely hilarious brother Luca. Ben brought them to the farm on Friday around noon, and for the next couple of days we just had fun.

Our number two broody hen, Princess, hatched her eight chicks that morning, and the kiddos were eager to meet the newest members of the farm community. We fed ducks and goats, dogs and rabbits, and picked strawberries and raspberries.

The kids decided the gravel pile was a fabulous place to burn up energy, and spent an hour just charging up and down the gravel, slipping and sliding and yodeling with glee…. I was sure they would be torn up from the rock, but they appeared to survive just fine. As dusk descended, Eloise delighted in catching lightning bugs.

Back inside, Eloise declared the afghan Mom made us last year, and which I had put on her bed for fun, was the most beautiful blanket she ever saw! Those two kiddos love the tiny room that is their room when they visit. They love exploring the toys in the toy box, and rearranging the big doll house, and "cooking" in the strawberry shortcake stove. Sleeping quarters are tight in there, but they don't seem to mind. In a couple of years I imagine they will camp out in the fold out beds in the music room, but for now, this room is kid central.

Saturday morning after breakfast, we spent another good hour and a half feeding all the critters before heading off to Smithfield to attend an outdoor shindig with friends. The kids all enjoyed the sunny, warm weather, playing games, skipping rope, blowing bubbles and eating ice cream sundaes and s’mores. The adults all enjoyed catching up, visiting and eating ice cream sundaes and s’mores. A good time was had by all.

We arrived home in time to do evening feedings, after eating a pizza supper….can we say that Gakki is NOT following good nutritional guidance in feeding these youngsters? Ah well, they are only young once, and they did have a “normal” breakfast. Between eating and evening feedings, Eloise wanted me to put curlers in her hair so she could have curly hair. The entire time I was playing hair stylist, Luca was hugging me.

The critters seemed intrigued by Eloise’s curlers, the dogs thinking they were toys, and the goats thinking they looked like food. Eloise took it in stride. She is a natural with the critters, though some of them are significantly bigger than she is, and none of them are graced with good manners. Still, she is the dog-goat-cat-rabbit-chicken-duck whisperer, and is completely happy doing the feedings. Luca can take it or leave it. He likes feeding the ducks today, and isn’t the least bit interested in them tomorrow. He does like to bark commands at the critters... ”sit!!!” Most of the time the critters just carry on with whatever they were already doing and he seems fine with that.

Sunday morning was another opportunity to feed the critters, pick strawberries and play hide and seek, and cover your mouth with stickers, in Gakki’s eBay apartment, while Gakki prepared her Monday shipments. And then, after packing up all of their gear, we were on the road, back to Rochelle, to take the little cherubs home.

The kiddos were excited and happy to see Mama and Papa, but promised to come visit Gakki and Joe at the farm again soon. I then headed on to National Harbor, MD, where I am attending a conference all week. Busy, busy, busy! And exhausting. But FUN!

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