Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally, Warmer Weather?

We finally were treated to a couple of beautiful, warm days.  Of course, the rain and the cold weather, reluctant to leave, insisted on continuing to dominate.  Still, we took advantage of the weather while we had it.  There were flat tires to repair and loads of construction rubble to move out of the old farm house, in preparation for more renovation work.
Two Lawn Tractors and
One Beater Van Needed Tires Repaired

Just One of A Dozen or More
Loads of Construction Rubble
It seems every time we start to do some work outside, we get sidetracked into another "project."  So it was this week.  Sunday I cleaned out the dead fronds from the ornamental grass.  It was looking pretty congested and I decided it would be happier, if I unearthed it.  The result was a little, well, hacked, but the new growth was visible after the "trim."

Ornamental Mess
Wheelbarrow Full #4
This little project resulted in a decision to move both the ornamental grass, and the yucca that were in the little, odd, island "garden" in the middle of the driveway.  Monday, while I was still up in my office working, Joe began the extrication of the plants.  They were both pretty big, and, after digging the yucca out by hand, he opted to dig the ornamental grass up with the backhoe.

Yucca Extracted
No More Manual Digging!

Ornamental Grass Extracted

Then, in a race against the impending torrential rain, he filled in the holes with compaction dirt, and prepared the area to receive gravel, to blend it in with the rest of the driveway.  We will use the ornamental grass and the yucca in some of the other areas of the yard.  Now, at least, we have more room to maneuver big vehicles in the driveway.
More Manual Labor
Ready For Gravel
The rest of the week progressed at much the same pace.  Every project brought on more projects.  Plants that had wintered over in the makeshift green house were brought out to start their transition back to the outdoor life, only to be dragged back in to protect them from freezing temperatures and hail.  This week's weather had us dipping into the 20's and breaking into the 80's.  Crazy!

Geraniums that wintered over

Another Storm Approaching
Awesome Skies
Finally, last night we were able to fill all of the the little cell packs with soil, and today we planted the seeds for the crops that we will move into the garden in May.  Other seeds we will sow directly in the garden in the next couple of weeks, but since we are in major experimentation mode here, we have started a little of everything in the now-open greenhouse. We had prepared about 1550 cells to receive seeds, but only ended up needing 1299.  We have started 62 varieties of plants, from tomato to kohlrabi, from mammoth sunflower to tobacco.  We have quite a large experiment underway.

I'm Keeping Track of Every Seed Sown
Delicate Seed Planting Underway
Trays of Cell Packs and Egg Cartons
It looks as if we might get some more warm weather this week, though of course, lots of "chances of rain" along with the warmer weather.  Still, I'm happy we are able to get moving on the outside projects.  We only have a million and one left!

Benson - Guard Cat
Geese Enjoying Spring


Feral Female said...

Love the storm pictures and the geese enjoying the water. =)

Gorges Smythe said...

Hope you saved those bricks; they don't make 'em like that anymore!

Louise said...

Another busy week, I see. What a handsome fellow Benson is.

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Judy's Corner said...


Me too... Spring is finally springing!

Judy's Corner said...

You better believe we are saving them... not sure what we will use them for yet, but they will be reused one day!

Judy's Corner said...

Thank you, Louise,
Benson definitely thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread! LOL

Judy's Corner said...

Hey Kat!

Hope the house is going to close on time!