Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Party's Over???

Well, we had planned to work Saturday, play Sunday, and work some more Monday, before pulling out with the truck loaded with boxes headed for Virginia.  But, as things tend to work out in "real life," our plans were sort of shuffled by the plans of others.  And so it was that Saturday managed to slip by with little real progress made toward to prep work for the move.  Instead, as Joe had predicted, the party goers arrived a day early and so the party began a day early.....
Let the fun begin!
There were four carloads of friends and family that joined in the food and music fest. And we did have fun.

Good Food

Beautiful Child
Saturday Night....Clouds Rolling In
Still Clear Enough for a Beautiful Moon

As it turned out, the early party arrival was probably a good thing, as, par for the course, Joe and I brought less than favorable weather with us.  Saturday night it began to drizzle and by Sunday afternoon, the on and off drizzle had turned into a full-fledged steady rain, and with the change in temperature, the cold wind made it uncomfortable to sit outside and play.

Making Music
So, for a while, everyone piled inside, but by nightfall, all had bid farewell, and were on their way back home.

As the Rain Took Over
Before the party officially broke up, the keyboard player, Barry, indicated he could play one more song before he'd have to head out, to make it out of the mountains in some daylight.  As has become our custom, we wrapped up the music with our rendition of Danny Boy, the keyboard, the accordion, a couple of guitars and voices, leaving everyone with a smile on their face and tear in their eye.  And that was that. With the bad weather, the party was over.  But promises were made to continue the tradition, and I am sure there will be another "Yosemite Live" next year, as there has been for the past ten years. 

This morning, with the promise of better weather, we headed out to return the rental car and pick up the truck.

Sky on the way to pick up truck
Truck Secured

Heading Back to Start Loading

We spent the day packing....well, OK, we spent the last of the daylight hours packing, and then took a break to go out to dinner with Joe's mom and sister.

Just Getting Started....

The good news is that, though it was not warm today, at least the rain kept its distance....it threatened, but never actually fell.  Still, we had to wear our jackets and wool caps just to see us through to the afternoon, when temperatures managed to make it to the 60's.
Tomorrow will be the wrap up, battening down the hatches and getting our cross-country trek underway. Perhaps the party has really only just begun???  No matter what, I am certain, it will be an adventure!


Feral Female said...

What lovely pictures!

Sharon said...

Looks like a fun gathering!

Happy Trails!

mixednut555 said...

Wishing you a safe trip back to the old farm house!
WV: dessaci

Judy's Corner said...

FF -- Thank you! Everything is just so picturesque up in those mountains!

Judy's Corner said...

It was fun, though the extended party ended up delaying our trip back east by a couple of days.

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Kat....

Day one is done and as I write this response, Day two starts our in a RAINY Kingman, AZ...we shall see.