Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another lovely day -- jcarolek

The weather was delightful today and we took advantage of it to take the little boat out for an afternoon of fishing. We have only been catching small fish so far this summer, but last night, fishing from the pier, I caught something big. I got him all the way to the pier before he broke my line. It was pretty dark, but I saw him, his size anyway, and it was a pretty big guy. Still, it got away and that was OK. It was the end of the evening anyway.

Today, the fish were again, small, but biting. We enjoyed the lovely weather, the sounds of nature all around us as we rocked gently in the little boat. After we'd fished in one place awhile, we moved to another spot...where we'd seen the fish jumping. Naturally, once we set up in our new spot, we had very little action and all of the action seemed to be where we had originally been anchored. No matter. There were four rods to keep up with and two cameras to catch memories with.

Just as the sun was setting and we were contemplating heading in, "Mr. Big" hit the line on the pole left unattended in the boat. We heard the rod rattle, as it tried to escape the boat, but managed to grab it before it hit the water. I manned the net as the fish was reeled in. It was a good fighter and took the line around weeds and stumps and everything it could, challenging us to simply give up and cut the line. Too bad, big guy.... you are OURS!

Once in the boat, it was another challenge to keep this 27 inch 7 lb catfish from escaping! We cast our lines a few more times before heading in, but we were anxious to get in and cook our catch for supper.

By the time we had him ready to fillet, it was 10PM! LOL I suppose it is a good thing I am happy to cook supper and eat at midnight!

The taste was delicious...but WAYYYY too much food! Those were some big fillets! (leftovers tomorrow....and...I suspect....another fishing trip.)

It was another lovely day!

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