Monday, June 15, 2009

Reflections -- jcarolek

Another year has passed.

Today makes 26 years since I gave birth to my youngest child. June 16, 1983 in Tallahassee, FL was hot and muggy...that summer had not officially begun was irrelevant to my reality of carrying an extra 18 pounds while chasing a two year old around. I was hot and uncomfortable and I was ready already! And so, in the early morning hours that day, I was happy to know I was on my way, she was on her way...after nine months of complete togetherness, we would finally meet.

She's all grown up now, as is her brother, two years her senior. They are both living their lives in relative happiness, or certainly, in the pursuit thereof. These days I no longer sweat out the summers in the heat and humidity of Florida, having traded that locale for the less hot, less humid summers of Virginia.

There's more time to get things done, with the kids grown and all, and yet, I find I am never caught up. All winter I plan for that day when I will be able to get outside and take care of all of those "important" cleaning the roof and cleaning out the gutters, repairing the deck post, and the back porch screen.... And here it is, easily two months since that glorious day presented itself and I still have not completed these tasks. We did at least start on the roof last weekend and the gutters this weekend.

Sure, I mow the grass and keep the weeds at bay in the flower gardens. But, with the pond beckoning me at the end of the day's work, where the water, missing for two and half years, is finally back in place, where fish and turtles, snakes and beavers, osprey, herons and hawks, frogs and crickets play, I seem to only get outside "work" accomplished on the weekends.

So, here I am, mid June with summer fast approaching, little to show of real "accomplishments" for the spring, and yet, I have so enjoyed it ... reflections on the pond, reflections of the sky, of the trees, of the birds, of my fishing pole over the edge of the pier, reflections of my life, reflections, seemingly endless.

Perhaps tomorrow, after work, I will get that repair work on the screen started...perhaps...unless the sun is shining, the breeze is gentle and the dog looks at me expectantly...

then, I'm afraid it's back to the pond for another Huckleberry Finn moment or two..... the kids are all grown... no need to rush back inside to start supper before dark... the dog wants a fish for her supper.

Could I have imagined these days 26 years ago? Somehow, back then I really never seemed to have time to imagine too far into the future.

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