Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of Course, It was Mother's Day -- jcarolek

Last Sunday I shared a lovely meal at a local restaurant with my children and their spouses, and a friend. My daughter presented me with a bouquet of flowers, fresh from her garden, and my son and daughter-in-law, gave me their framed portrait, the first since their October 2008 wedding. The occasion, of course, was Mother's Day, and as always, the best gift they gave me was their time.

We told old stories, the same stories we've told a hundred times by now, and we laughed until we cried, as we have a hundred times by now. And we told some new stories, ones that, no doubt, will eventually become part of the old favorites. After we ate our fill and the sun had long disappeared giving way to the night, we left the restaurant, hugging as we parted, wishing each other safe travels, and we headed home.

Later, at home again, my friend noticed two large moths were lighted on the screen outside the back deck. We hadn't seen these large moths since last August, when we'd had a party here for my Dad's birthday. Then, we'd all been so intrigued by the Luna moth that had lighted in the screen, we'd taken photos and assured each other these were quite rare, yada, yada, yada. Well, the moths last Sunday night were every bit as big as the one last August, but only one was the same lime green color. The other was brown. Both were impressive.

We took a couple of photos the night, but the lighting was not that great.

The next morning, discovering the moths were still there, my friend decided it was time to take the opportunity for some real photos. He photographed them in every conceivable lighting, and angle, carefully coaxing them into clear containers typically used to display collectible dolls. He was careful not to actually touch the moths, lest he harm them, but was intrigued with how obediently they moved from screen to container.

Last night as we were playing with the more than 100 photos taken of these two moths, I remarked that it was pretty interesting that they'd both shown up on the same day, OK, night, and that these were the first such moths we'd seen this year. My friend looked at me and said, with a little smirk on his face, "Of course they both showed up on Sunday... it WAS 'Moth'ers' Day, wasn't it?

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