Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nice drive -- jcarolek

Monday was travel day. First stop was at my daughter's place to drop off the dog for the week. Our Virginia morning was beautiful and the trip promised to be a lovely one.

I don't recall ever traveling to West Virginia before, and that was quite a treat. How delightful was the scenery, with April temperatures unseasonably warm, reaching the 90's and forcing the leaves on the trees out into their summer fullness.

Ohio was boring, in comparison. It had it's pretty places, but it lacked that "WOW" of the Virginia and West Virginia elevations. Still, as sun set, a stop at the rest area afforded an opportunity for a few shots...sunsets are always intriguing to me.

As darkness fell, Garmin directed the car off the freeway in Indiana and onto smaller roads, that might have been quite interesting, had the landscapes actually been visible...as it was, as the rain began to fall and visibility was reduced further, I wondered if "map lady," as I call my Garmin, was leading me on a wild goose chase. Eventually, however, around midnight, she managed to get the car to the hotel in Goshen, IN where I was to spend the night.

A good night's sleep and a morning conference call later, and map lady was once again commanding the car's movement, this time toward the final destination...Chicago. I had never been to this city and was looking forward to seeing the windy city for myself. I set the camcorder up to take footage of my arrival and was happy the rain had let up sufficiently this morning to allow reasonable shots. Unfortunately, as I discovered once checked into the hotel, I had neglected to actually press the RECORD button on the camera.... oh well... next time.

After registering and attending my first seminar, it was out to take a walk around the block and catch some still shots of my immediate surroundings....MAN was it COLD!!! If I hadn't JUST been in exquisite weather yesterday, perhaps the very cold Chicago temperature would not have been such a rude awakening... All I can say is that it is a good thing I will be inside most of this week... I'm not a fan of the cold and this 40-something weather is NOT my cup of tea. Still, the city IS interesting and I hope to do a little more exploring before returning home.

So, on this, my mother's 75th birthday, I celebrated by having a wonderful trip through places I'd never before traveled, seeing things I'd never before seen. Happy Birthday, Mom. I enjoyed it!


Stanley said...


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Judy's Corner said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Stanley. I'll have to take time in Charleston West Virginia sometime soon.