Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Months Ago and Across the Pond -- jcarolek

Two months ago I wrote a post in which I reminisced about some sweet treats we used to enjoy as children when I lived in England. I couldn't recall exactly what they were called, but my "charades" memory taunted me with "sounds like Java Orange Cakes." Of course, in my memory, these were actually cookies, but I digress. So, I posted, having been reminded of these tasty delights by some candy a friend had sent me.

kiriyamabattleroyale read my post and she commented, letting me know that these "cakes" from my memory really do still exist and are called Jaffa Cakes. She offered to send me a box. Well, I was delighted. I sent her my mailing address and told her not to rush, I'd be out of town for a month.

I all but forgot about this as the adventures that were my December played out. Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox I was surprised to see a small box, neatly wrapped in brown paper...I pulled it out and delighted when I saw the stamps from Great Britain. My Jaffa Cakes were here!

I came directly indoors and opened the box. I can honestly say the packaging did not jog my memory, but the minute I opened the inner sleeve and bit into the first cookie, I knew I was truly back on memory lane. We ate nearly an entire sleeve of the Jaffa Cakes in that first sitting. With 12 cookies in each sleeve, I suppose it could be argued I made a little pig of myself. But it was worth it. Every bite of the tangy orange, dark chocolate and spongy cookie "cake" was true delight for me. The taste was exactly as I remembered it and it really made my day.

Thank you kiri!

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