Friday, August 17, 2007

It's a Corvette, Mom! -- jcarolek

“Mom, this is a Corvette, isn’t it?” “Look Mom! A Corvette!”

The young and eager voice carried easily across the waiting area in the dental office, where I had accompanied my husband to get an X-ray (that’s another story). The room was filled to capacity, but the youngster was oblivious to the attention her enthusiasm was drawing. Yes, you read correctly. For this exuberant youngster, the child so taken with the very perfection of the Corvette, was a girl of about eight.

She examined the magazine in which she had discovered her dream car, and she challenged her older brother to, “look and see, this is a Corvette, right?”

Her older bother, who looked to be about 14, smiled and tousled her hair and assured her that indeed it was, but he did so in a hushed tone that shared with the world his awareness of the spectacle his sister was making of their little family. The little girl beamed from one ear to the other, as she devoured the words in the article around the picture of that coveted dream car.

Her mother, speaking to nobody in particular and everyone in general, let on that, “she is like this constantly…anytime we are in the car she is asking if this car or that car is a Corvette!” It was fairly obvious to me, and to others I am sure, that this mother was clueless as to what so enchanted her daughter about the Corvette. It was, I suppose, just one of those unexplainable passions our children experience.

After we left the dental office, as we drove home, I chatted with hubby about the little girl and her Corvette lust. He laughed and said it reminded him of his cousin, who, as a youngster had an overwhelming fascination with flat tires. Each and every car trip was accompanied by Ted, asking enthusiastically, “Dad, do you think we’re gonna have a flat tire?” “Dad, when do you think we are gonna have a flat tire?” I supposed from now on, when I see a Corvette, I will see that little long haired, mousy-blond headed girl, with her eyes bright and her smile spanning her face, as she shared with the world a passion she has yet to learn to “control.” How very, very refreshing it was!

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