Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Banana Pudding for Breakfast -- jcarolek

She slapped the pages down one by one, with the vigor of someone who was angry with another. She “flipped” through the magazine and she carried on a congenial conversation on her cell phone, as she sat in the chair beside me as I waited in the dentist’s office this morning. I tried to concentrate on my SUDOKU puzzle and not rip the poor magazine from her abusive hands. I tried to focus, counting 1 to 9 (I was doing SUDOKU, you know) to calm my frustration with her incessantly loud and overly congenial “private” conversation.

I convinced myself that she had as much right to her space as did I to mine and that her noise outreached the boundaries I had envisioned was my problem not hers. She was waiting to see the dentist too. Wait, no she wasn’t! She had brought her sister to see the dentist and her sister was already in there! Instead of taking her paper thrashing, loud talking self to her car (OK is was already approaching 90 degrees at 10:00 am) she chose to “share” her world with me. She must have KNOWN I write a blog.

So, lest she have shared her world in vain, I want you all to know:

1. Her boyfriend called her while she was IM’ing last night and she ignored his call for 1 ½ hours.

2. When she called him back, he told her he wanted a ride somewhere today.

3. When she told him she could not give him the ride because she had to bring her sister to the dentist, he said he’d call her back in a little while.

4. He never called her back…not last night, not this morning.

5. She had banana pudding for breakfast.

6. She really wanted to get a milkshake from some place near the mall (it was so good yesterday)

7. She didn’t care that the boyfriend hadn’t called her back, and she was going to do something with the friend (on the other end of this conversation) anyway.

8. What should they eat for lunch. She didn’t want to do fast food.

9. Should they eat before they took off on their trip (not sure where they were going, but I presume they did) or eat on the way?

10. What COULD they eat on the way? (Salad is too hard to eat in the car.)

11. Friend must have had another call….switch conversations

12. Called her Mom

13. Knows her mom is busy at work…what’s she doing?

14. Assures mom she got sister to the dentist, though they awakened late (guess that’s why she had banana pudding for breakfast)


”Mrs. K”

Yippeeeeee! I was called into the dentist’s office. I was liberated from my tormentor!

As I sat up in the chair, the dental assistant said,

“Oh, Dr. C___ is going to be very happy to see you!” And she looked pointedly at my legs sticking out from beneath my dress. I laughed, because the dentist has always called me “legs” since one of my fellow employees lead him to believe they call me that at work (they do not!)

The dental assistant said, “Hey, if Dr. C___ is happy, I’m happy!”

In walked Dr. C___. “Legs!” he greeted me with his usual, silly opener.

He took all of two minutes to adjust the crown he’d put in the week before last so that my bite would once again engage ALL my teeth. And then I was on my way.

As I headed back through the lobby, I noticed the poor soul, trying to read as she sat in the chair beside the loud talking, magazine page flapping girl, who, apparently, had not yet exhausted her cell phone “minutes!” (I thought Texting was all the rage these days!)

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